Garbage Service/Recycle/Yard Waste

Residents of the Village of Stockbridge participate in the village's single-hauler rubbish collection, curbside recycling, and yard waste collection program.  By providing a community-wide program, the village is able to reduce the costs to residents by about half compared to contracting individually for these services.  Residential customers are billed quarterly for the program.  The village's current program is provided through contract with Granger Waste Services, and the current contract is effective fron June 1, 2022, through May 31, 2027.

It is important for residents to know and understand the valuable services offered through the program, as well as the steps to properly prepare and set out your rubbish, recyclables, and yard waste to ensure that they are picked up on schedule.  If your household waste is not prepared and placed at the curb in accordance with the contract provisions for waste services, your waste will not be picked up.  Please help to make the collection of your waste efficient, effective, and timely by following the steps contained in the following informational flyers:

Village of Stockbridge Letter Summarizing Changes to Service Effective June 1, 2022 - provides important information you need to know about changes from previous years to rubbish collection services

Village of Stockbridge Customer Guide - provides valuable information on trash collection, recycling collection, yard waste collection, and bulk waste collections services and the contractor's recognized holidays which may result in alternate rubbish collection schedules

Cart Placement Flyer - provides valuable information on the proper placement of your rubbish cart at the curb to ensure timely and efficient cart service

For large (bulk) items to be picked up, please contact Granger Container Service for pricing and arrangements.  You can contact Granger Waste Services directly at (517) 372-2800 or for more information, visit Granger's special Stockbridge web site at www.grangernet.com/stockbridge.